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叫我官老爷 (IOS) (新马服)

4.7 /5
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About Jiao Wo Guan Lao Ye

IOS Jiao Wo Guan Lao Ye (叫我官老爷) is a Role-Playing Game. IOS Jiao Wo Guan Lao Ye is vividly presented with the first vision of Guan Ye. It is a wonderful way to play, such as marrying a wife, taking a concubine, having a child and raising a baby, Divorce wife, war of family alliance, cultivating door-to-door guests, and socializing with many people. Do yours in-game purchases now with MyCard Points!

How to top up Jiao Wo Guan Lao Ye with MyCard?

1. Login to Recharge page.
2. Select your Server and Character.
3. Select the required amount after clicak agreeing.
4. Select MyCard as your payment method.
5. Enter MyCard Serial number and Password to proceed.
6. You have successfully top up Jiao Wo Guan Lao Ye with MyCard.