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Law of Creation​ (Android) (SEA)

4.7 /5
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About Law of Creation​

Popular manga game among Asia now available worldwide!

At that moment, mankind's place in the food chain would be forever changed. No longer was he the custodian of the Earth, but a food source for a new strain of zombie mutations. Yagita, saved from becoming zombie grub by the mysterious girl Pandora, begins to awaken an unknown power from within. Yet the global mutation has just begun, little do they know that the biggest threat in the history of the human race is about to unfold.

How to top up Law of Creation with MyCard?

1. Login to game and Press 【Crystal +】.
2. Select the Crystal that you intended to buy.
3. Select 【Point】and Select【MyCard】.
4. Select 【Crystal】that you intended to buy.
5. Confirm your purchase detail and press【Yes】.
6. Enter your MyCard Serial number and Password, then press the blue button 【進行儲值】 to complete.