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猎魔者:觉醒 (Android) (港服)

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About Demon Hunter

Diablo Wind has transformed into a straight MMO with multiple forms, and is currently on the market in the city~~

Play with one hand, the dark art collection, invites you to experience the world of hunting!

==Background Story==

Dream back to the millennium, the immortal church. The head of the seven demons, Lucifer tried to open the door of the demon realm, open up the passage between the two realms, and launch an endless battle to destroy the world.

The things in the Hades Temple are quietly waking up, and the monsters in Neverland are also about to move. The whispers of the ancient gods of heaven changed the sky! The roar of the hell devil makes the earth tremble!

As a goddess, you are determined to use courage, wisdom, and perseverance to traverse this miraculous continent, collect soul cards to accumulate power, and one day defeat the powerful enemy of evil and let the light of dawn shine on the world again! Do yours in-game purchases now with MyCard Points!
- This product is applicable for Android version only.