Dark Continent: Mist

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About Dark Continent: Mist

Dark Continent: Mist is an immersive fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices that sport enticing and engaging 3D graphics with special effects that further immerse you in the world as well as in each combat encounter and event in the game. In this oriental-styled fantasy world, you’ll embark on epic journeys and adventures that are presented through a rich and engaging combat system, allowing players to experience the world of Dark Continent: Mist in a variety of ways and game modes.

Players can choose from seven major professions that fill different roles and have different playstyles: Slayer, Jizo, Elyse, Yurei, Sage, Nuwa, and Red Hat. Each of them have different styles of attack as well as radically different skill sets. Choose the profession you like and are most compatible with, and enjoy the experience of Dark Continent: Mist in the way you prefer.

You won’t journey alone through Dark Continent: Mist, as you can acquire a battle pet that will faithfully accompany you through your travels, giving you a better chance of winning through powerful assists that can turn the tide of battle.

Outside of exploring the world and dungeons, Dark Continent: Mist also offers players the ultimate challenge of the infinite boss map, where the intense risk is rewarded with powerful equipment drops that are sure to increase your effectiveness in battle, as well as making you look cool with your new sets.

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