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Bigo Live Recharge (Global)

With over 300 million users, Bigo Live is a livestreaming service aimed at users who want an interactive experience with content creators, with features such as public and private chatrooms with creators, video call support, and the potential to earn money from the platform through fan support or sponsorships and the like.

You can freely sign up for an account and download the app without spending any money, but why not support your favourite personalities or spice up your experience with some Bigo Live diamonds?

Get a Bigo Live recharge card at OffGamers, where you can purchase it, and other products from our lineup, at very cheap prices!

Bigo Live Diamonds Functions

On Bigo Live, you can find streamers for just about any kind of interest that you’re looking for: from chill chatrooms to gaming, IRL streams and vlogs, DIY tutorials, and more. You can also interact with your favourite content creators and their fanbase through live chat and live video feed.

Bigo Live recharge for Diamonds allows you to further enhance your experience on this platform. As a premium currency for Bigo Live users, you can support your content creators of choice by sending them Diamonds.

If you yourself are a creator on Bigo Live, you can cash out your earned Diamonds and earn money as well, and you might even make a career out of it!

OffGamers Payment Options for Bigo Live Recharge

On OffGamers, our shoppers are always treated to cheap market prices and a very convenient store interface to minimise hassle when buying online. For your convenience, we’ve got support for some of the most used payment options for online shopping, like credit and debit cards, e-wallets, online banks, and more.

Internationally, some of the most used payment methods consist of PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. If you need details for specific regions or currencies, feel free to visit This link.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bigo Live Global

How to Redeem Bigo Live Diamonds

1. Provide your Bigo ID and choose “Points Direct Top-up” as your payment option on OffGamers’ website.
2. Select your card’s denomination.
3. Proceed to checkout and once payment is made, the funds will be topped up to your account.

Does Bigo Live Diamonds expire?

While the gift card does not have a specific expiration date, in order to minimise any issues, we recommend that you top up your gift card at the earliest time possible.

Why is my Bigo Live Diamonds not working?

When you proceed to Bigo Live recharge, make sure that you input your correct Bigo ID and the with no typos. If it still does not work, wait for a few minutes and try once more, or contact customer support for additional help.

Can Bigo Live Diamonds be converted into money?

Yes, but you will have to convert your Diamonds into Beans first. On the Bigo app, simply go to Profile > Wallet > Beans > Exchange Rewards. Fill out the amount of cash you want to redeem and select the bank account associated with your account. Confirm the exchange and you’re done!