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Digi Prepaid

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Buy Digi Prepaid

Redefine your mobile adventure with the Digi Prepaid, your ticket to a world of fluid connectivity. Applicable for the Malaysia region and powered by Digi Telecommunications, this digital card unlocks unparalleled access to the digital realm.

Designed for data enthusiasts, bid farewell to slow speeds and say hello to lightning-fast mobile Internet. Doesn't matter if you're browsing, streaming, or socializing, Digi Prepaid delivers the ultimate data delight.

Transform your mobile journey with the Digi Prepaid. It's time to embark on endless internet adventures and stay connected wherever you go.

Choose a selection of Digi Prepaid available on OffGamers:

• Digi Prepaid RM5 Voucher.
• Digi Prepaid RM10 Voucher.
• Digi Prepaid RM30 Voucher.
• Digi Prepaid RM50 Voucher.
• Digi Prepaid RM100 Voucher.

Purchase your Digi Prepaid now on G2G marketplace and begin a digital odyssey like never before. Revolutionize your mobile world today!

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How to Redeem and Use Digi Prepaid

Here's how to redeem Digi Prepaid:

1. Dial <*123*><15 or 16-digit reload PIN><#>
2. Press 'Send/ Call'.
3. Upon a successful Digi recharge, an SMS notification will be sent with the updated airtime credit balance

Done! You have successfully redeemed your Digi Prepaid!

About Digi

Digi is a digital connectivity and services company with the purpose to bring safe, reliable, and efficient connectivity to all Malaysians. Digi believes in the transformative power of connectivity. It's not just about communication, it's about building stronger communities and securing a brighter future for everyone. Trust Digi, where connectivity meets possibility.