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4Games 8,000 GCoins
US $267.83
4Games 4,000 GCoins
US $133.92
4Games 2,000 GCoins
US $66.96
4Games 1,000 GCoins
US $33.48
4Games 500 GCoins
US $16.74
4Games 200 GCoins
US $6.70
4Games 100 GCoins
US $3.35
4Games 60 GCoins
US $2.01


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Perfect World (4Games, a subsidiary based in Malaysia) is devoted to developing proprietary, original online games of high quality, with a long-term goal of sharing Chinese culture with the world. Today, Perfect World has grown into an integrated online game service provider focusing on developing, operating and marketing online games and providing related services to gamers.

With an differentiating advantage of our core technologies such as engine development, 3D modeling and rendering techniques, we developed a number of online games including “Perfect World”, “Legend of Martial Arts”, “Pocketpet Journey West”, “Battle of the Immortals”, “Fantasy Zhu Xian”, “Forsaken World”, “Dragon Excalibur”, “Empire of the Immortals” and “Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”, using our proprietary game engines including Angelica, Cube, Raider and EPARCH.

In addition, Perfect World has built a significant presence in the overseas markets and has exported our online games to more than one hundred countries and regions. To date, we have successfully built up our own operating platform overseas and established our wholly-owned subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Japan to leading game operators in a number of countries and regions in Asia, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and the Russian Federation and other Russian speaking territories, providing high-quality entertainment services to internet users worldwide.
  • Title: 4Games
  • Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Developer: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Region: Global
  • Platform: Others
  • Genre: Others