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  • Title: Bullet Angel
  • Publisher: Kingame Studio
  • Developer: Kingame Studio
  • Release Date: -
  • Genre: Action, FPS
  • Language: English
  • Region: Global
  • Platform: Mobile

About Bullet Angel Top Up

Bullet Angel is a modern FPS mobile game developed by Xshot with three modes to choose from - Team Deathmatch Mode, BOMB Mode and Casual Mode. The Casual Mode breaks further into more fun modes for casual play.

The game uses a premium currency for those who want to exchange items in the exchange store called Bullet Angel Gems. These items range from cosmetics to weapons and more. Bullet Angel has taken over the Southeast Asia region with a storm since its release and is a growing game that continues to better itself.

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Payment Methods for Bullet Angel (Mobile)

Here at OffGamers, we offer a variety of payment methods if you’re looking to buy some cheap Bullet Angel Top Up from us. Globally, our customer base tends to prefer the use of PayPal, Adyen and credit cards like Visa and Mastercard for their purchases.

Either way, we’ve got payment options and occasionally cool discounts for our customers no matter where they are shopping from. Our options include e-wallets, online banking, debit cards and more, so take your pick!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bullet Angel (Mobile)

Where to top up Bullet Angel Gems online?

You can top up with some Bullet Angel Gems through trusted online sellers like OffGamers that occasionally offer some discounted direct top up for your game. Always go through trusted sources when purchasing your gaming products to avoid any potential scams.

How to top up Bullet Angel?

On our site:
1. Select the Bullet Angel Gems value that you want and click on Direct Top Up.
2. Enter your Game User ID and details.
3. When the payment is done, it should be credited to your game account.

How do you play Bullet Angel on PC?

You can play Bullet Angel on PC by using an emulator like Bluestacks. Just install the emulator and navigate from there.

How to get ornament point in Bullet Angel?

Ornament Points can be earned through completing the Angel Pass, tasks and more. These points can then be used to exchange items in the Exchange Store.

Do Bullet Angel codes expire?

Yes, they do. Make sure to put your Bullet Angel top up codes to use as soon as possible.

Bullet Angel (Mobile)

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