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  • Title: Lokapala
  • Publisher: OOLEAN GAMES
  • Developer: OOLEAN GAMES
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Region: Indonesia (ID)

Top Up Lokapala Citrine for Indonesia

Created by the Indonesian developer Anantarupa Studios, Lokapala is the first eSports game from Indonesia that takes inspiration from regional cultures and introduces unsung heroes and mythological figures in a MOBA style game. Enjoy a fun and very unique spin on the classic MOBA genre with Lokapala.

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Lokapala App Features

Lokapala offers its players the classic 5v5 MOBA map with the standard features like three lane combat, turrets, jungle areas, and various other staple gameplay mechanics. You can also team up with your friends in either casual, ranked, or even eSports-ready teams where you can compete and rise to the top of the championship ladder.

Lokapala also puts heavy emphasis on teamwork and skill-based combat, assuring that mastery of the game will always pay off in wins, as does a good understanding of roles and supporting each other during matches.

In addition, with the unique ANCIENT feature of Lokapala, the standard MOBA experience is made more compact and time-efficient, making your matches more dynamic and fun without wasting too much time on one particular match.

So why wait? Get a deep dive into the lore-rich gameplay of Lokapala, whose characters and world are inspired by Indonesian regional myths, legends, and history, and climb to the top through the mastery of your game skills and cooperation with your teammates!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lokapala Indonesia

Why top up Lokapala?

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How to top up Lokapala Citrine Bonus?

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How to win Lokapala MOBA Game?

Winning in Lokapala is simple - destroy the enemy’s lane towers and their base before they do the same to you. How to achieve this is the hard part, involving teamwork and coordination between you and your team to win against your opponents. Eliminating enemies, getting ahead in resources, controlling a significant section of the map - all these are factors that can enable you to win a match, and all are dependent on your skill and teamwork proficiency.

Lokapala (Mobile) (ID)

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