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DIY Slime Maker! Squishy ASMR (IOS) (Global)

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About DIY Slime Maker! Squishy ASMR

Taa daa! Its time to relax with your own homemade fluffy diy slime. Have you ever tried to make slime at home. With IOS DIY Slime Maker! Squishy ASMR you can make the best slime at home with or without glue and borax. IOS DIY Slime Maker! Squishy ASMR is a must to beat the stress out of you. Unleash your creativity skills and make oozy & fun to play smooth textured slime that you can’t resist squishing and stretching. Play DIY Slime Maker! Squishy ASMR Free on your IOS device! And find out more exciting games from iTunes App Store & checkout with iTunes Gift Card!

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