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All About Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a fantasy MMORPG by Archosaur Games that has been slowly taking over the MMORPG scene in the SouthEast Asia region. As with all MMORPG, you have the freedom of choice to do whatever your heart desires. You can charge into battle, start your own family, or simply wander around the vast open world.

Plus, with the additional help of Dragon Raja Coupons, you could fully customize and have your way in the Dragon Raja world.

The developers of Dragon Raja has crafted landmarks from real-life locations and incorporated them into the game to add to the visually pleasing world. The PvP battles are combatively fierce, and their PvE system is a refreshing experience. Your character is fully customizable, and there are six classes for you to choose from as well.

Dragon Raja Top Up

About Dragon Raja Coupon (SEA)

There are several different types of coupons to be found in Dragon Raja, but the main one is the standard Dragon Raja Coupon which could be used to buy nearly anything in the game. This coupon is treated as the game’s premium currency and has an equal value to 1 Diamond.

The coupon can be obtained through exchange with real-life currency.

Which Dragon Raja (SEA) Class Should You Choose?

Currently, there are four classes in Dragon Raja for you to choose from with five more to be released in the future. Let’s focus on the ones we have now, shall we? The four classes are Blade Master, Gunslinger, Soul Dancer and Assassin. Here are quick summaries:

Blade Master is usually put to use as the melee or tank position, their weapons consist of swords and blades (hence the name). They carry two weapons on them at a time. Their three special abilities are Moongazer, Turmoil - Red Lotus and Blossom Dance which are swift sword-based attacks that deal heavy damage.

Gunslingers hold the sharpshooter position and work with guns, of course. Those in this class hold the best weaponry and are the sharpest hunters. Their abilities are SPI Landmine, Heat Blast and Stealth Camouflage which focus on calling on weapons and stealth.

Soul Dancers are the support or mage roles that carry around a floating sandglass. The oddest of the bunch, they have a twin shadow with them at all times. Their abilities are Witch’s Kiss, Time Lock and Phase Shock which focus on using magical abilities to stop enemies or magic damage.

Assassins are noted as the ranged DPS or melee warriors that carry around a special exoskeleton for attacks. Their abilities are Moonlight, Crystal Coffin and Dark Hunt which focus on ranged attacks and defence.

Available Payment Methods

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Frequently Asked Questions on Dragon Raja (SEA)

How to top up Dragon Raja Coupon on OffGamers?

To top up Dragon Raja Coupon, just follow these steps:

1. Select your preferred value and click on ‘Direct Top Up’.
2. Input your game’s ‘User ID’ and ‘Quantity’, click ‘Continue’.
3. Choose your preferred payment method and click on ‘Pay Now’.
4. Your game balance should be updated.

What are diamonds for Dragon Raja?

Diamonds are a currency in Dragon Raja that can be used to purchase items from the mall, recruit allies, participate in gacha events and more. It can be exchanged for 1 Dragon Raja Coupon or 1000 gold.

How do you get diamonds in Dragon Raja?

You can get Diamonds by logging in daily, making wishes, selling items at the mall, or occasionally through social events and in-game mail.

What does AP do in Dragon Raja?

AP is short for Attack Penetration or Physical Attack Penetration. The higher your AP, the higher the damage you could inflict on your enemies.

Is Dragon Raja free on mobile?

Yes, Dragon Raja is free to play on both iOS and Android mobile devices.