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Genshin Impact Direct Topup
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Genshin Impact Genesis Crystal Top Up

The Genesis Crystals are a special currency for players to enhance their experience. These crystals are primarily used for purchasing in-game resources or to add more Primogems to your account.

More info about Genshin Impact Tou Up

Genshin Impact (Yuan Shen) is a story-driven game that consists of many playable characters for players to use.
The game has an open-world setting that allows players to freely roam about, exploring the vast world of Teyvat. Build and train your characters to form a formidable team to go on raids and quests.

What can you do with the Primogems?

- Replenish Original Resin
- Purchase Acquaint Fate
- Purchase Intertwined Fate

Exciting first-time top up bonus here at OffGamers

Exciting first-time top up bonus here at OffGamers
Now since our main goal has always been to improve our users’ video game experience, OffGamers has recently launched the Genesis Crystal top ups with our first-time-limited offers.

The first time Genesis Crystals top-up offers are:

- Buy 300+30 Genesis Crystals, get 600 Genesis Crystals
- Buy 980+110 Genesis Crystals, get 1960 Genesis Crystals
- Buy 1980+260 Genesis Crystals, get 3960 Genesis Crystals
- Buy 3280+600 Genesis Crystals, get 6560 Genesis Crystals
- Buy 6480+1600 Genesis Crystals, get 12960 Genesis Crystals

NOTE: The First Time Purchase Bonus is not applicable to the UID that has completed in-app Purchase or top-up from other platforms before.

Payment method

This direct top-up is extremely convenient and all you need to do is enter your user ID and choose the server you’re in during checkout to buy genesis crystals.

As for our payment options, we have multiple selections like PayPal and other online banking methods. Selected e-wallet options are also available alternatives to buy these genesis crystals.

Frequently asked questions about the Genesis Crystals Top up

1. Where to buy Genesis Crystal top ups?

You can now directly top up your Genesis Crystals from OffGamers. Featuring a limited-time deal that gives you additional crystals for your purchase.

2. How to top up Genesis Crystals?

With our direct Genesis Crystal top-up, you will be prompted to enter your User ID and server region during the checkout phase. Enter the correct details and make your payment for the Genesis Crystals to be topped up.

3. How to convert Genesis Crystals into Primogems?

After logging into your game. There is an option for you to redeem Primogems. It will then prompt an UI that allows you to exchange the amount of Genesis Crystals into Primogems.

4. Do Genesis Crystals Expire

While there aren’t any official sources stating that the Genesis Crystals would expire, we highly recommend our users to use these crystals as there are many time-limited events for Genshin Impact (Yuan Shen) that they would not want to miss out on.

5. Are Genesis Crystals cross platform compatible?

Not exactly. PlayStation have their own exclusive Genesis Crystals pool while the PC, iOS and Android devices share the same pool.

Important Note

- Before you buy the Genesis Crystals from OffGamers, please ensure that the information that you are about to insert is correct to prevent potential delays.
- If users have inserted any wrong information that may have resulted in the product being invalid, no refunds or compensation will be provided by OffGamers.
- To find your UID, login to your account in the application. Click on the profile button at the top left corner. You will find your UID under your avatar.