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Efunfun FunCard (HK/TW)





About Efunfun FunCard (HK/TW)

Efunfun Platform provide you with quality service and convenient of webgames. As an elephant is a group of animals, Efunfun Platform chose this as logo, for users to have a closer family & friends relationship, concerned about everyone's game environment and feel by playing Efunfun Platform games.

Efunfun FunCard (HK/TW) can be used to top up games under Efunfun Platform. More closer and more funny! With only one account, you can enjoy all games under Efunfun Platform.

How to redeem Efunfun FunCard (HK/TW)?

1. Visit Efunfun 储值兑换中心 and login to your account.
2. Select your region or modify the default region.
3. Select "点数卡" as your payment method, enter the 18-digit redemption code, then click "确认".
4. You have successfully redeem Efunfun FunCard (HK/TW) to your account.
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