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FIFA 21 Origin KEY (Global)
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Get FIFA 21 Origin Key

With a FIFA 21 Origin Key, you can add FIFA 21 to your EA games library with no hassle, and you can buy them at OffGamers! All you need to do is claim your product code on the EA redemption page or on the EA app, and you’ll be able to install the game with no extra steps. It can even be the perfect gift for any sports games fans that you know!

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About FIFA 21

FIFA 21 is the latest entry in the long-running and beloved FIFA series of sports simulation games, developed and published by EA for general gaming audiences to enjoy. From thrilling and accurate football gameplay to diverse team customisation options accentuated with impeccably realistic graphics, FIFA 21 delivers an immersive and engaging football experience.

FIFA 21 offers you a variety of game modes to shake up the football experience, from standard gameplay involving online multiplayer and offline single player to other immersive modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team, Volta, and Career mode. Gameplay mechanics have also been overhauled and improved, allowing more freedom of gameplay and skill expression for all kinds of players, from the newest players to the most hardcore of veterans.

Immersion and accuracy to real life is also improved in FIFA 21, with key improvements such as almost-realistic graphics, more diverse player and AI behaviours, over 700 teams in over 30 football leagues, and faithfully recreated football arenas for authentic football league matches.

Enjoy these enhanced gameplay features today by purchasing FIFA 21 with a FIFA 21 Origin Product Code from OffGamers!

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Frequently Asked Questions about FIFA 21 Origin Key (Global)

How to activate FIFA 21 Origin Key?

1. Go to and click 'Redeem'.
2. Enter your code and click 'Next'.
3. Follow any further prompts to complete your redemption.

You can also redeem your code at by selecting 'Redeem Product Code', or through the EA App by going to 'My Library' > 'Redeem Code'.

Can I activate a FIFA 21 Origin Key in any country?

As long as FIFA 21 is available to play and download in your country, you may redeem this FIFA 21 Origin Product Code for your account. Please check if FIFA 21 is accessible in your region before redeeming your game key.

Can I use my FIFA Origin Key on other platforms?

Unfortunately, your FIFA 21 Origin Code can only be redeemed for EA accounts, and cannot be used for accounts on other game platforms. Please double check if you device supports the EA App before redeeming your code.