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  • Title: Playstation Network Card
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Playstation
  • Genre: Others
  • Region: Japan (JP)

About PlayStation Network Card (JP)


PlayStation Network Card (JP) fills your PSN Wallet with cash, enabling you to buy and download new games, DLC, and videos as well as stream films and music. You can easily buy PlayStation Network Card (JP) in a variety of denominations based on your own needs at our OffGamers store.


The Ultimate Gaming Gift Card

Connect with millions of gamers and start playing. Take your PlayStation games to the next level by making use of this Japanese PSN Card to download the latest multiplayer maps, missions, and characters to play online with your buddies.


How to redeem the PlayStation Network Card Code?


1. Go to PlayStation Store and click on your Avatar at the top of the screen.
2. Select Redeem Codes from the drop-down menu.
3. Carefully enter the code and select Redeem.
4. The credit or content is now applied to your account.

1. PC/PSP/PS3/PS4のいずれかでプレイステーションネットワークにサインインする
2. プレイステーションストアにアクセスし、[支払い管理]>[チャージ(入金)する]またはアイテム購入画面で12桁のコードを入力する
3. 入力後、ウォレットにチャージされます。

Sony Playstation Terms and Conditions
Sony Playstation 規約と条件
Your use of this PSNSM code (“Code”) constitutes your acceptance of these terms and any additional terms available at http://us.playstation.com/redemption.

このPSNSMコード(コード)を使用すると、下記の条件および利用可能な追加の条件に同意したものと見なされます。 http://us.playstation.com/redemption.

PlayStation Network Card (JP)

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