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  • Title: Xbox Live Gift Card
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Region: Europe (EU)
  • Platform: Xbox
  • Genre: Others

Purchasing The Xbox Live Gift for Europe

Have something you desire from the Microsoft store? Using the Xbox Live Gift Card is arguably the quickest and easiest way to add funds to your account where you can shop from an array of digital content.

Besides that, the Xbox Live gift card can be used to enhance your experience with Microsoft from countless games and useful applications!

Therefore, if you are a frequent user of the Microsoft Store, especially if you enjoy Microsoft-based games, having the Xbox Live Card is definitely worth it for you!

Best Games Available on The Xbox Live

With the Xbox Live Card in hand, you will be able to open doors to the most premium of games available.

Here are some of the best picks from the Microsoft Store which you can purchase using the funds redeemed from the Xbox Live Codes:

- Forza Horizon 5
- Battlefield 2042
- FIFA 22
- Jurassic World Evolution 2
- Far Cry 6

Perks of Getting an Xbox Live Gift Card

There are a multitude of benefits when getting an Xbox Live Card online. The perks include:

Easy to Use

All you need to do is purchase the Xbox Live Card online and a redeemable code will be delivered to your OffGamers account.

After that, you can conveniently redeem the code from the Microsoft Store or on your Xbox to access and purchase its exclusive digital content!

A Huge Game Library

The Microsoft Store is also home to one of the largest video game libraries. Purchase games, both old and new, cheaply and easily.

Plus, you can also enhance your experience with multiplayer gameplay using the gift card. Buy the Xbox Live Gift Card to subscribe with the Xbox gift card code to unlock multiplayer play!

More than Just Games

Not a gamer? No worries, the Xbox Live Gift Card can still benefit casual users as the funds redeemed can be used for movies and other useful software available on the Microsoft Store.

Multiple Payment Options for Europeans Users

Most online distributors will provide multiple payment options of the gift card. For example, OffGamers provide European buyers a cheap and quick platform of purchase while also having the best payment methods.

Popular payment choices like credit cards from Visa and Mastercard are accepted. And if you are looking for alternatives, online banking, e-wallet choices, PayPal, Giropay and bunq are all available.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Xbox Live Gift Card EU

What are the steps to redeem the Xbox Gift Card EU on the Xbox?

Here are the steps to redeem your gift card:
Step 1
Turn on your Xbox device and make sure you are logged in to your Microsoft account.

Step 2
Select ‘Home’ and scroll right. Press the ‘Store’ button.

Step 3
Press ‘Use a Code’ and insert the redeemable code to redeem your funds.

How do I send the digital Xbox Gift Card over to my friends?

Once you’ve received the redeemable code, all you have to do is send over the code to your friend and they will be able to redeem the funds. Remember the code can only be redeemed once, so make sure you are sending the code to the correct person.

Can I use my Xbox Gift Card from another region outside Europe?

No, unfortunately there is a region lock for Xbox Gift Cards, be sure to check the region of the gift card before making your purchase.

How fast would I receive my Xbox Gift Card?

Barring any technical issues, the gift card code will be delivered to your order list on your OffGamers account almost immediately.

Xbox Live Gift Card (EU)

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