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  • Title: Apex Legends Mobile Syndicate Gold
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Release Date: -
  • Genre: Action
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Region: Phillipines (PH)

Apex Legends Mobile Top Up for Philippines

With Apex Legends Mobile Top Up at OffGamers, you can easily top up Syndicate Gold for your Apex Legends mobile account, which you can then use to purchase in-game premium items, or to upgrade your battle pass for more levelling rewards.

Launched globally in early May of 2022, Apex Legends mobile is quickly shaping up to be a powerhouse in the mobile gaming landscape as a handheld port of the popular free-to-play hero shooter by EA games.

Don’t miss out and make sure to buy Syndicate Gold for your account via the Apex Legends Mobile Top Up service at OffGamers, where you can be sure the Apex Coins price is cheap and affordable.

About Apex Legends Mobile

Brought to the mobile market by EA, Apex Legends Mobile is a faithful adaptation of their massively popular free-to-play hero shooter on PC. As it is with the original game, Apex Legends mobile carries a lot of great features that make a fun game for anyone interested in the genre.

Strategic Gameplay

Apex Legends has always been about tactical mastery over the FPS genre’s gameplay and the unique character that you can play as, and the Mobile version is no exception. EA has beautifully translated Apex Legend’s emphasis on strategic squad play, utilisation of unique Legend abilities, and team-based multiplayer synergy to the mobile platform.

You’re incentivised to work together as a team of up to 3 players in competitive PvP team battles, aiming to synergise your respective picks’ strengths to win battle royale matches.

Mobile Exclusive Features

For Apex Legends Mobile, EA has added a few exclusive extras that make it stand out from its PC original. It features a standalone Apex Legends title for mobile, UI and control optimisations for mobile devices, and a few mobile-only pieces of content such as gameplay modes, maps, and mobile exclusive characters to spice games up.

OffGamers Payment Options for Apex Legends Mobile Top Up Philippines

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Frequently Asked Questions about Apex Legends Mobile Top Up (PH)

How to redeem Apex Legends Mobile Syndicate Gold?

The instructions for Apex Legends top up is as follows:

1. Log into or create an account at https://redeem.meplay.com. Make sure your account is in the same region your Apex Legends account is.
2. You will also need to enter your player ID. Your ID can be found on your “Profile” section by tapping on your character Avatar. The ID is listed at the top of your username.
3. Click on ‘Redeem Code’ and provide your redemption code on the provided blank.
4. Wait for a few moments, and your transaction will be completed. Your Syndicate Gold will then be added directly to your account.

Is Apex Legends Mobile region locked?

Yes, you can only redeem your Apex Legends coin for the region your account is in. Please be careful when buying the Apex Legends Mobile top up service to avoid topping up for incorrect regions.

Why can’t I recharge my Apex Legends mobile coins?

If you run into trouble while redeeming Apex Legends coin denominations, it could be that you have an unstable internet connection, or you’ve provided an incorrect player ID. Please double check that you’ve made no typos when inputting your redemption code and that your internet connection is stable before trying again.