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  • Title: LifeAfter
  • Publisher: NetEase Games
  • Developer: NetEase Games
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Region: Global
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Genre: FPS, Strategy

All About LifeAfter Credit (Pudding Pay)

LifeAfter Credit or LifeAfter Federation Credit is a form of currency used within the LifeAfter game developed by NetEase Games. Now, you can use Pudding Pay to top-up your LifeAfter Credit and continue surviving in your post-apocalyptic world. These credits are used to purchase items from the game’s shop like plants, building materials, skill points, and more.

LifeAfter Credit via Pudding Pay

As previously mentioned, Pudding Pay can be used to top-up your LifeAfter Credits. Pudding Pay is a new e-pin payment method released by NetEase Games which could be used to top up your favorites like Identity V (Mobile), Rules of Survival (Mobile), and Onmyoji Arena (Mobile). All this, and LifeAfter of course. However, it is strictly for Android devices only.

LifeAfter Credit (Pudding Pay) Promotions & Discounts

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Black Friday Sale

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Frequently Asked Questions for LifeAfter Credit (Pudding Pay)

How to recharge using LifeAfter Credit (Pudding Pay)?

1. Go to the LifeAfter website.
2. Confirm your country or region.
3. Input your User ID and click on your server.
4. Pick Pudding Pay.
5. Pick the amount based on the value stated on the card that you have bought.
6. Input your Game Code card number and password.
7. Click on Activate to fully redeem.
8. It should now be credited into your account.

Where to get LifeAfter Credit?

LifeAfter Credits can be bought online from authorized sellers and trusted sites like OffGamers. Always remember to get your pins or game codes from trusted sources in order to avoid potential fraud.

Is Pudding Pay the only payment option to LifeAfter Credits?

No. There are other payment methods available for LifeAfter Credits on our site such as Razer Gold, PayPal, credit cards, and more. Just type in ‘LifeAfter’ into the search bar and click on ‘LifeAfter (Mobile)’ rather than ‘LifeAfter Credit (Pudding Pay)’.

Is Pudding Pay the only payment option to LifeAfter Credits?

From time to time, we might have promotional discounts on Pudding Pay on our site that other payment methods might not have, making it cheaper and more preferable compared to other payment methods.

Is Pudding Pay the only payment option to LifeAfter Credits?

The Pudding Pay version of LifeAfter Credits is not available on iOS devices and is strictly used for Android devices only. There are other versions that could be used on iOS devices such as this LifeAfter Credit on our site.