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  • Title: Steam Wallet Codes
  • Publisher: Valve Corporation
  • Developer: Valve Corporation
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Others
  • Genre: Others

The Steam Wallet Code Korea

The gift code works just like any digital gift card and can be redeemed on your Steam account for Steam Wallet credit. It is the ultimate way for you to gain access to the thousands of games from different publishers available on Steam.

Aside from games, there are countless tools and software that can be purchased on Steam using your Steam Wallet funds. If you or your friends are frequent users of the Steam platform, the gift card is the ideal product for you to top-up your Steam Wallet balance.

Bestselling Steam Gift Cards Korea

Steam Gift Cards are one of the most popular products we have here at OffGamers. As proof, here are our the products our customers love:
- 50,000WON Steam Wallet Code (KR)
- 25,000WON Steam Wallet Code (KR)
- 10,000WON Steam Wallet Code (KR)

But aside from the above mentioned, you are still free to purchase the other products if that’s what you would prefer.

Different Payment Methods Dedicated for Korea

There are multiple payment methods you can use for your Steam Digital Gift Card purchase with OffGamers. For instance, you can use Paypal, Adyen, Stripe and DOKU to make payments.

Alternatively, OffGamers also supports Visa and Mastercard credit cards and direct online banking if customers opt to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Steam Wallet Gift Card Korea

How do I gift my friend a Steam game?

You can do so from the Steam Store, select the game you wish to purchase. After that press ‘Add to Cart’ and select ‘Purchase as a gift’.

Select the giftee account from your Friends List and you can choose to send the game immediately or even schedule a time for them to receive the gift.

What should I do to send my gift code over to a friend?

All you need to do is send the specific code to your friend and they can use that code to redeem funds on their own Steam account.

Please note that once the code is used, the code will be gone and it cannot be used again.

Can I transfer Steam Wallet funds to another account?

No, Wallet funds cannot be moved from one account to another. Once a gift card has been redeemed, the funds are tied to that account. If you wish to purchase an item for a different account, it should be possible provided that both accounts are associated with the same region.

Is the Steam Gift Code refundable?

There is only one condition for you to have it refunded. And that’s if you have not put to use the gift card within 14 days of purchase, it can only be refunded on the Steam platform.

Steam Wallet Codes (KR)

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