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盛大 (中服)

盛大 中服
100元 盛大一卡通 (中服) *促销*
US $16.25
盛大 中服
50元 盛大一卡通 (中服) *促销*
US $8.13
盛大 中服
30元 盛大一卡通 (中服) *促销*
US $4.88
盛大 中服
10元 盛大一卡通 (中服) *促销*
US $1.63
盛大 中服
100元 盛大一卡通 (中服)
US $16.74
盛大 中服
50元 盛大一卡通 (中服)
US $8.37
盛大 中服
30元 盛大一卡通 (中服)
US $5.02
盛大 中服
10元 盛大一卡通 (中服)
US $1.67


- Since September 2016, Shanda Game will no longer support all types of Shanda Game Cards.
- If you can't topup on Shanda Game,please login Sheng Fu Tong Platform to use.
- Shanda Game Card status and balance: Click to check.

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Shanda Group was founded in 1999. Started with USD 60,000 as the entrepreneurial capital, it was engaged in online game business in early period and over the years of development has now been a large cultural investment holding group with the assets of over USD 7 billion. It now mainly focuses on internet financial innovation, digital-life service, new media, modern publishing, online games and literature. The forms of investment include private equity investment, venture investment, estate investment and operation and hedge fund. Shanda will strive to be a world-wide investment holding group constantly founding and developing new industries with internet as the basis and culturalization as the core value.
  • Title: 盛大
  • Publisher: 盛大集团
  • Developer: 盛大集团
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: Chinese
  • Region: China (CN)
  • Platform: Others
  • Genre: Others