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  • Title: 剑网3:指尖江湖
  • Publisher: 腾讯游戏
  • Developer: 西山居
  • Release Date: 2019-06-12
  • Genre: Action, MMO, RPG
  • Language: Chinese
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Region: China (CN)

About Eastward Legend: The Empyrean

Android Eastward Legend: The Empyrean (剑网3:指尖江湖) is a vast and immersive martial arts-themed MMO in which you get to relive the glory days of the Tang dynasty and the Jianghu Brotherhood. Do yours in-game purchases now with Tencent Q coins!

In Android Eastward Legend: The Empyrean you can follow the martial arts master of your choice, join a guild, and train to become a master in your own right. You’ll put your fighting skills to the test in real-time 3v3 battles with other players, all the while buffeted by a dynamic weather system that changes depending on the time of day and other factors.

How to top up Eastward Legend: The Empyrean with Tencent Q coins (CN)?

1. Login to game.
2. Click to enter the game mall recharge page.
3. Select the denomination you want to recharge.
4. Select Tencent Q coins.
5. Fill in details – Serial & Pin to complete the recharge.

剑网3:指尖江湖 (Android)

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