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  • Title: 我家妹妹在三国
  • Publisher: Jollity
  • Developer: Jollity
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: Chinese
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Genre: RPG, Strategy
  • Region: Malaysia (MY)

About 3K Mei Mei

3K Mei Mei (我家妹妹在三国) is a three-country theme of strategic competitive adventure Tour, a real restoration of the Three Kingdoms troubled times, all kinds of heroes take you to battle against the city, as one of the leaders, recruit soldiers and buy horses to lead your troops to challenge the strong geothermal, challenged the powerful boss in the troubled times, obtain exclusive weapons, collect different heroes. Take up the competitive challenge and experience the passionate and passionate battlefield of the three countries. Do yours in-game purchases now with Asiasoft @Cash Malaysia (CiB)!

How to top up 3K Mei Mei with Asiasoft @Cash Malaysia (CiB)?

1. Visit 3K Mei Mei Reload Page, login your account.
2. Select @Cash Malaysia as your payment method.
3. Input Card Code/Serial & Card Password, and then click on "Top Up".
4. You have successfully top up your account.

我家妹妹在三国 (Android) (马服)

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