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  • Title: 我的起源
  • Publisher: 腾讯游戏
  • Developer: 完美世界
  • Release Date: 2019-11-15
  • Language: Chinese
  • Region: China (CN)
  • Genre: MMO
  • Platform: iTunes

About ReEvolve

IOS ReEvolve (我的起源) is a sandbox MMO with stunning graphics and interactive gameplay that puts the future in your hands! Wars, famines, and disasters have brought humanity to the edge of extinction, and only the power of time travel stands between mankind and oblivion. To save the world, you must use futuristic time travel technology to tunnel through spacetime to far off places and times, changing events and locations to shape the future. Do yours in-game purchases now with iTunes Gift Card!

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1. Click the "Redeem" link in the "Quick Links" box of the iTunes Store.
2. Type in the code, click "Redeem" and confirm "Redeem Prepaid Card".
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我的起源 (IOS) (中服)

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