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  • Title: 灵狐仙境
  • Publisher: Efun
  • Developer: 祖龙娱乐
  • Release Date: -
  • Genre: Action, MMO, RPG
  • Language: Chinese
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Region: HongKong (HK), Taiwan (TW), Macau (MO)
A nine-tailed fox comes down to earth from a mythical realm, this love story between a fox and human spans far and wide, leaving a thousand year legend to be passed down by generations!” Spirit of Fox Wonderland (灵狐仙境), the first 3DMMO masterpiece based on a Human-Fox mystic love story, is developed by the star developer group of “Loong Craft”. This game offers exquisite 3D scenes, gorgeous battle spectacles, 360-degree free flying experiences and abundant fashionable decorations, aiming at creating the most beautiful phone game of 2017. Through CG quality 3D images, this game reveals a romantic but complicated mythical realm to you!

Meanwhile, this game provides a roller-coaster storyline of emotional trials and numerous characters such as a coquettish fox spirit, a Lolita with extraordinary strength, a handsome guy with super high CP, and a fine-appearing gentle scholar and more! Experience this grand love/hate story of a human and fox fairy told through engaging gameplay. You can also have a flying experience on a magical sword, hold a romantic wedding, strive for guild hegemony and stir battles between humans and foxes. Join this game to start an incredible mythical adventure!

灵狐仙境 (港澳台服)

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