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龙翼编年史 (中服)

空中网 中服 点券直充
空中网 (中服) 100元直充2000点券
US $15.91
空中网 中服 点券直充
空中网 (中服) 50元直充1000点券
US $7.96
空中网 中服 点券直充
空中网 (中服) 30元直充600点券
US $4.78
空中网 中服 点券直充
空中网 (中服) 10元直充200点券
US $1.61


The Chronicles of Dragon Wing (龙翼编年史) is a turn-based strategy game with a bit of MOBA elements. The game features cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices.

In addition to story mode, the most exciting feature of the game is player versus player. You can play in 1v3 or 3v3 modes. 3v3 mode is about 3 players vs. 3players. In 1v3, you control 3 heroes yourself to battle 3 enemy heroes, each of which controlled by one player.

The battle maps are hexagon-based environments, where you can place and control your heroes to fight AI enemies or other players. You can grow your heroes through battles to unlock new abilities. Heroes are in a relationship of "rock, scissor, paper", so picking the right hero will grant you some advantage in the battle.
  • Title: 龙翼编年史
  • Publisher: 空中网
  • Developer: 幻翼网络
  • Release Date: 2015-07-22
  • Platform: PC, Mobile
  • Language: Chinese
  • Region: China (CN)
  • Genre: Strategy