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  • Title: AraFiesta
  • Publisher: Game Power 7
  • Developer: Game Power 7
  • Release Date: -
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: MMO
AraFiesta is a new MMO anime game with a rich collection of graphics and exciting gameplay content. It offers players a variety of classes and wonderful skin and hair colors to choose from. The massive beautiful nature of the game is only matched by its music and sound effects.

The game revolves around a strong and wise king, who is beloved by his people, and was able to spread peace and maintain the order throughout the planet Ezoria. The greed and power lust of his enemies caused the destruction of this planet through a powerful massive army of monsters.

The player will participate in defending the planet and the protection of its remaining sources. Can you save the planet and keep the peace?

AraFiesta (PC) (MENA)

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