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  • Title: Beamdog
  • Publisher: Trent Oster
  • Developer: Trent Oster
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: PC
  • Region: Global
  • Genre: RPG

About Beamdog

Beamdog is a team of artists, designers, writers and developers gathered in Edmonton, Canada to bring roleplaying games to modern audiences. Do yours in-game purchases now with Multi Game Card!

Since 2009, Beamdog has brought enhanced versions of classic Dungeons & Dragons games and exciting original content to fans new and old. Beamdog loves rich stories where players can chose their own journey and the communities that spring up around them. If you're excited about storytelling games, Dungeons & Dragons, and classic RPGs, stick around! You haven't seen anything yet!

How to Top-up games on Beamdog with Multi Game Card (MGC)?

1. Open Beamdog website. Login and click games you want to purchase.
2. Click on "+ Add to Cart" confirm on the game purchase selection.
3. Click on "Cart" icon on the top right to checkout.
4. At the Shopping Cart page, click "COMPLETE PURCHASE" to proceed.
5. Click on "Show More Methods" and select Multi Game Card.
6. Fill in details – MGC Serial & MGC Pin. Click on "Pay Now".
7. You have successfully top-up games on Beamdog via Multi Game Card.

Beamdog (PC) (Global)

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