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  • Title: Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại
  • Publisher: Garena VN
  • Developer: Garena VN
  • Release Date: -
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Genre: FPS
  • Region: Vietnam (VN)

About Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại

Mankind is threatened by a mysterious terrorist organization and no one else but you will join the HARMONY CAMPAIGN to save the world! Experience Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại - Garena Escapes super shooter game on mobile in 2016!

In Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại, you will become a weapon master with more than 80 different types of guns, standing side by side with your allies and allies in the Falcon alliance to defeat Cobra. Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại has a fantastic Bunker FPS gameplay, providing an easy and comfortable control experience even for first time mobile shooters!

With a fascinating storyline, high-end graphics, lively sound and 100% Vietnamese-language dialogue, Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại brings you the ultimate excitement with dramatic action on the battlefield.

Chiến Dịch Huyền Thoại (VN)

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