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  • Title: Combat Arms: Reloaded
  • Publisher: VALOFE
  • Developer: VALOFE
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: PC
  • Region: Global
  • Genre: FPS

About Combat Arms: Reloaded

Combat Arms: Reloaded is a multiplayer game, free-to-play modern first-person shooter. Combat Arms: Reloaded enlists players into various battlefields across the globe to face-off against other ambitious soldiers of fortune, delivering gamers a high-quality FPS with an extensive arsenal of weapons. Do yours in-game purchases now with Karma Koin!

Over 600 assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers and pistols at your disposal. Every weapon plays differently, and mastering your weapon is the key to survival. Keep a finger on the trigger and an eye on the enemy! Enter a heart-pounding combat environment where every bullet matters. So make it count. It's kill or be killed, so stay focused to experience the thrill of the win!

How to top-up Combat Arms: Reloaded with Karma Koin?

1. Open Combat Arms: Reloaded website, click "V Wallet", and then click "G Coin Purchase".
2. Select "Karma Koin" as your payment method.
3. Enter your Karma Koin PIN Code and click "Next".
4. You have successfully top-up Combat Arms: Reloaded via Karma Koin.


Hard Drive Space 8 GB
Operating System Windows 7 or later
Processor Pentium4 - 2.4GHz+
Video Card GeForce FX 5600 or better

Combat Arms: Reloaded (PC) (Global)

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