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  • Title: Dawn Break II -Light and Dark-
  • Publisher: Auer Media & Entertainment
  • Developer: Auer Media & Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2019-01-15
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Language: English
  • Region: Global
  • Platform: Mobile

About Dawn Break II -Light and Dark-

Android Dawn Break II -Light and Dark- is an extended story of Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor. Vampire Simon and Naughty Princess Luna are running a quest house in the kingdom of Goz. In order to reclaim the ring of the queen stolen by the arch thief, and discover a scheme that includes all the royals... Only you can solve the puzzle and reveal the true evil within! Become Heroes, fight your way out of lights and darks! Do yours in-game purchases now with Google Play Gift Card!


- Master Elements to take down powerful enemies. 3 Heroes in battle simultaneously.
- Simplified equipment collect and cultivate, more fined story lines and battle trainings.
- Awake! Burst the ultimate power of your Heroes. Enjoy the cinematic graphics of your smooth battles.
- Cute Fairies accompany on your way, help you in battle and can be send to quests.
- Whole new comic UI, immerse you into the story even further.

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Dawn Break II Light and Dark (Android) (Global)

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