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  • Title: Dragon Lord
  • Publisher: Esprit Games
  • Developer: Esprit Games
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: PC
  • Region: Global
  • Genre: MMO, RPG

About Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord is a MMORPG published by Esprit Games. Conquer mighty dragons in the vast universe of Dragon Lord, where orcs, elves, humans and dragons clash on the endless lands! These are disturbing times of chaos and havoc. Lord of the Dark Dragons rules over the continent causing panic and fear among its inhabitants. Build your castle, gather loyal troops and join your allies to bring down the empire using magic and power of the defeated opponents! Do yours in-game purchases now with Multi Game Card!


- Fight against orcs, elves and dragons.
- Hire all kind of heroes to your army, from crafty witches to fire breathing demons.
- Build a magnificent city that will hold against any threat.
- Use powerful combinations of magic and skills.
- Tame sturdy mounts and mighty dragons as they embody powers of Ice, Earth and Fire.
- Create unique and devastating weapons in the smithy.
- Create or join a clan and lead your friends and allies to victory in global events.
- Test your skills against other worthy rulers at the PVP-arena.

How to purchase Dragon Lord on Esprit Games with Multi Game Card (MGC)?

1. Open Esprit Games website. Login and Click "Buy" to purchase.
2. Click on prefered Package to proceed with the check out.
3. Click on "Show More Methods" and select Multi Game Card.
4. Fill in details – MGC Serial & MGC Pin. Click on "Pay Now".
5. You have successfully purchase Dragon Lord on Esprit Games via Multi Game Card.

Dragon Lord (WebGame) (Global)

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