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  • Title: Fragoria
  • Publisher: Datcroft Games
  • Developer: Russia Rusoftware
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Genre: MMO, RPG
  • Platform: Browser
  • Region: United State (US)
Fragoria is a beautiful fantasy world created with a mix of heroic sages of ancient Russia and modern tales. It's a beautiful, unique, endless universe. A vast game world is inhabited by all kinds of creatures. There are PvE and PvP battles in the game, which complement each other.

At the beginning of the game the player needs to create a character which is then born in heaven. Every player can create up to four characters on each server.

There are plenty of communication means among players in the game including in-game post and chat, community is created and evolved within guilds and alliances. Game is imitating a real world society with inequality, classes, interactions and long life time with endless gameplay. Consequently, the game has a long customer lifetime.

Fragoria (WebGame) (US)

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