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  • Title: 美人刹
  • Publisher: 4399
  • Developer: 4399
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: Chinese
  • Genre: RPG
  • Region: Malaysia (MY), Singapore (SG)
  • Platform: iTunes

About Mei Ren Sha

IOS Mei Ren Sha (美人剎) is a Role-Playing Game. Become a demon for love, obsessed for you. Dare to ask Cangtian is a fate! In the mighty floods, all kinds of grudges and disputes, all kinds of love and hatred. Between thoughts, the demon is already there. It is a fairy or a demon, and I love you and hate you. Please leave this love stone to test each other's true heart! Do yours in-game purchases now with MyCard Points!

How to top up Mei Ren Sha with MyCard?

1. Login to Recharge page.
2. Select【点数卡储值】as your payment method.
3. Select operating system, account, game, server and character.
4. Enter MyCard Serial number and Password to proceed.
5. You have successfully top up Mei Ren Sha with MyCard.

美人刹 (IOS) (新马服)

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