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  • Title: MU Online
  • Publisher: Webzen
  • Developer: Webzen
  • Release Date: 2003-10-06
  • Language: English
  • Platform: PC
  • Region: Global
  • Genre: MMO, RPG

About MU Online

MU Online is an Isometric medieval fantasy MMORPG, produced by Webzen. Feel the power of forbidden magic! Explore and fight! Top up MU Online via OffGamers today!

MU Online is an older pay-to-play game that has gone free-to-play. Despite being released in 2003, MU Online still boasts a surprisingly large and active playerbase. With graphics and gameplay reminiscent of Diablo, MU Online should feel familiar to anyone with experience playing dungeon crawler games.


Hard Drive Space 6 GB
Operating System Windows 2000
Processor Pentium 4 1.4GHz
RAM 512 MB
Video Card Geforce FX, Radeon 9600

MU Online (PC) (Global)

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