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  • Title: Nebogame
  • Publisher: -
  • Developer: -
  • Release Date: -
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: MMO, RPG
  • Region: Russia (RU)

About Nebogame

Nebogame is a multiplayer online role play game in match3 genre. Heaven, a wonderful world that is already loved by millions of players! Nebogame tells a story about the difficult everyday life of the keeper of the magic of the island, his travels and epic battles with monsters. Do yours in-game purchases now with Multi Game Card!

Nebogame is a unique game with six cults, divided into two factions - Love, Courage and Celebration lead combat hatred, sorrow and horror. The plight of the Guardians involved in the conflict of the gods and their avatars is full of adventures and unforgettable stories.

How to purchase Nebogame in game package with Multi Game Card (MGC)?

1. Open Nebogame website. Login and click on any of the "+" to open package menu.
2. Select the package you wish to purchase. Click on "confirm" to proceed.
3. Click on "Xsolla" to proceed with check out.
4. Click on "Show More Methods" and select Multi Game Card.
5. Fill in details – MGC Serial & MGC Pin. Click on "Pay Now".
6. You have successfully purchase Nebogame in game package via Multi Game Card.

Nebogame (PC) (Global)

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