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  • Title: Onmyoji Arena
  • Publisher: NetEase Games
  • Developer: NetEase Games
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Region: Global
  • Platform: Mobile
  • Genre: Strategy

About Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji Arena is part the hit Onmyoji series from NetEase, builds on the rich character base from the original work to create a new MOBA experience. Onmyoji Arena retains the elegant Japanese aesthetics and original voice talents to faithfully recreate Kyoto in the Heian era. With innovative map designs, a Fog of War mode, and an even larger set of Shikigami skills, players are in for more fun and greater challenges as they battle to reign supreme. Recharge Onmyoji Arena via OffGamers to enhance your gaming experience now!

How to top up Onmyoji Arena with Netease Game Code Pudding Pay?

1. Visit HERE to top up.
2. Select your country/region and insert your ID.
3. Select Pudding Pay.
4. Select Amount. Please note, you can only choose the amount match your card denomination, otherwise the redeem will be failed.
5. Enter your GameCode card number and password to redeem.

Onmyoji Arena (Mobile) (Global)

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