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  • Title: Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight
  • Publisher: UnlockGame
  • Developer: UnlockGame
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Mobile, iTunes
  • Region: Malaysia (MY), Phillipines (PH), Singapore (SG), Thailand (TH), Indonesia (ID)
  • Genre: Others

About Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight

I am no hero, but the real villain behind the scenes!

"Meant to save the world but accidentally got reincarnated as the Demon King?! Otherworld Idle RPG [Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight] is awaiting! Do yours in-game purchases now with Razer Gold (SG)&Razer Gold (MY)&Razer Gold (ID)&Razer Gold (PH)!

Reincarnation M: Sorcery Fight (Mobile) (SEA)

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