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  • Title: Yong Heroes
  • Publisher: 4399
  • Developer: 4399
  • Release Date: -
  • Genre: Action
  • Language: English
  • Region: Malaysia (MY), Singapore (SG)
  • Platform: iTunes

About Yong Heroes

IOS Yong Heroes is an action Role-Playing Game. Enter the world of sword and swear, calling back your memory of martial arts. Have you dreamed of be the hero who can stand on the mountain top? Riding a horse and bringing a kettle of liquor, wandering in the ancient, beautiful, but dangerous martial world. Find your buddies, your love, and your youth passion. Do yours in-game purchases now with MyCard Points!

How to top up Yong Heroes with MyCard?

1. Visit the official page.
2. Click 【recharge】.
3. Key in your account and password and press【Log in】.
4. Select【Malaysia】and press【Yong Heroes】.
5. Fill up【Card Serial】, 【Card Pin】.
6. Enter 【Top up】 to complete.

Yong Heroes (IOS) (SEA)

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