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  • Title: 最强猎人
  • Publisher: eyougame
  • Developer: eyougame
  • Release Date: -
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Region: Global
  • Language: Chinese
  • Platform: iTunes

About Zui Qiang Lie Ren

IOS Zui Qiang Lie Ren (最强猎人) is an action Role-Playing Game. IOS Zui Qiang Lie Ren has a comprehensive and unique social system, rich and interesting casual gameplay, professional transfer system and so on. Players can play the role of powerful swordsman, sensitive high injury magic boxer, sorcerer or guns division, to resist the original sin and defend the land peace. Do yours in-game purchases now with iTunes Gift Card!

How to redeem an iTunes Gift Card?

1. Click the "Redeem" link in the "Quick Links" box of the iTunes Store.
2. Type in the code, click "Redeem" and confirm "Redeem Prepaid Card".
3. You have successfully redeemed iTunes Gift Card to your account.