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Genki Heroes 元気の英雄 (Mobile) (SEA)

4.9 /5
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About Genki Heroes 元気の英雄

The story begins in an abyssal fantasy world. The evil demon lord is finally defeated after a gruesome battle with the heroes! Just when they were celebrating, a mysterious figure casted a spell and the heroes' abilities were gone. The heroes felt a disturbance in the world once again. They embark on their journey to defend the world once more!

Game Speciality:
Venture in "Genki Heroes" astonishingly vibrant fantasy battlegrounds. Embark on journey to defeat the evil lord!

1) Job Classes: 4 Basic Job classes, Swordman, Assasin, Gunslinger & Diviner. Every job has it perks

2) PvP Battles: 1v1 Battle. There also have features like Multi Team PvP, 2v2 Team Battle and Chaotic Battle.

3) Adventurous Missions: Interesting and diverse mission structure. Monsters drop loots in the mission. Players are able to choose different set of skills combo and item combination during the game.

There are many more interesting content such as PVP Arena, Mystery Realm challenge, Trial Dungeon, Boss Dungeon, Enhancing Equipment, Drawing Heroes, Character and Heroes training, Pet system, marriage system and etc.