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  • Title: PlayStation™Store Gift Cards
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc
  • Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc
  • Release Date: -
  • Language: English
  • Platform: PlayStation™Store
  • Genre: Others
  • Region: Spain (ES)

Buying PSN Card for Spain

PlayStation boasts an amazing selection of games for their console family, and with a solid track record in the gaming industry, you can be sure that only the best games can be found in the PlayStation store. The way to play is to buy, and there is no better way to do so than with a PS Network Card!

With fantastic security features like instant email delivery and secure PIN code measures, getting a PSN Gift Card is your best bet when it comes to adding funds for your account so you don’t miss out on the hottest deals on the PlayStation platform.

With exciting titles on the horizon like Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, and Cyberpunk 2077, getting games for PlayStation has never seen more hype than ever before!

PlayStation Season/Battle Passes

As part of their multiple gamer-friendly features, the PlayStation store supports purchases of season or battle passes for games on their platform. These passes give you access to extra game content like DLC, in-game currency, and exclusive in-game items.

These passes also often contain content that will be available in the near future, so purchasing them for games that you enjoy is a great choice, since you get additional content and support the developers at the same time.

Payment Options for PlayStation Network Card in Spain

If you want some PSN Gift Card codes, then you’ve come to the right place at OffGamers! We cater to gamers worldwide and support plenty of ways for you to checkout with your shopping cart filled with cheap products from our catalogue. Credit and debit cards, online banking, e-wallets and payment processing services are all supported on our website, so feel free to shop away!

Customers from Spain might prefer to shop through the use of MasterCard or Visa, PayPal, DaoPay and Skrill.

If you want to learn more about payment methods for your region, visit this page.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding PlayStation Network Card for Spain

How to cash in my Gift Card?

1. Open a web browser and visit PlayStation’s homepage here.
2. Log into your account at the top right and click on your avatar, then select ‘Redeem Codes’.
3. Carefully input your code and click ‘Redeem’.

On PS4
1. Visit the PS Store then scroll down the sidebar and select ‘Redeem Codes’.
2. Input the code you have and select ‘Redeem’.

On PS5
1. Go to Settings > Users and Accounts.
2. Select ‘Account’ > ‘Payment and Subscriptions’ > ‘Redeem Codes’.
3. Enter your code and press ‘Redeem’.

How to check PSN Card wallet?

You can view your wallet balance online via the following:
1. Go to the PlayStation Store here and log into your account.
2. Open the drop down menu at the right and select ‘Payment Management’.
3. Once in your Payment Settings, you will see your account’s wallet balance.

Why is my PSN Gift Card not working?

Usually, whenever PSN Gift Card codes cannot be redeemed, it’s because of typographical errors when inputting the 12-digit code. Please double check while inputting your code without any hyphens. If the problem persists, you can check the PlayStation Network Status page here, and wait until all services are up and running before trying again. Should these solutions not apply to you, feel free to contact customer support.

PlayStation™Store Gift Cards (ES)

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psn eur50 card es
US $ 46.23
psn eur40 card es
US $ 37.98
psn eur35 card es
US $ 33.24
psn eur30 card es
US $ 28.73
psn eur25 card es
US $ 23.94
psn eur20 card es
US $ 19.15
psn eur15 card es
US $ 14.53
psn eur10 card es
US $ 9.69
psn eur5 card es
US $ 4.95
ps plus 12 months membership es
US $ 52.84
ps plus 3 months membership es
US $ 22.35
ps plus 1 month membership es
US $ 8.26
ps now 12 months subscription es
US $ 53.00
ps now 3 months subscription es
US $ 22.57
ps now 1 month subscription es
US $ 9.08