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About GigaBash

Play as either a world-ending kaiju or a humanity-defending mecha in greatly detailed and inspired arenas in GigaBash, which you can get on Steam with a redeem code from OffGamers! Purchase the game for your Steam account after buying a wallet code from our store, and you can jump right into the kaiju action with no hassle whatsoever.

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GigaBash Game Features

OffGamers Gigabash Code
In a world where primordial beasts known as Titans have arisen and aim to take over the world, humanity must battle these colossal beasts for dominion of the Earth, and for their survival.

Within this setting, GigaBash creates a wonderful mix of the bombastic chaos and creativity of the arena brawler genre of games with the immense scale of classic kaiju movies and shows, creating a refreshing and fun take on this engrossing game genre. Play as either a Titan hell-bent on taking over the world, or as a giant mecha created to defend humanity and the Earth from these monstrosities.

Play as Kaijus and Heroes

Choose from a roster of 10 unique characters in Battle mode, with distinctive movesets and playstyles between all of them. No matter your style of play, there's going to be a character for you.

Gain an edge over your opponents with various character features, such as gathering Giga-energy to transform into an S-class kaiju, acquiring a Giga-ball to unleash your ultimate attack, or using the terrain to your advantage, along with your chosen character's unique strengths.

Inspired Stages and Arenas

As a homage to classic kaiju movies, GigaBash's arenas are designed to make you feel like you're in these larger-than-life action scenarios, from great cityscapes to tropical islands and more.

Destructible stage features allow for near infinite ways to express your skill, or just cause as much mayhem on screen as possible. Destroy buildings, wield radio towers, call lightning from the skies - anything goes in this game.

Fun Game Modes

As a multiplayer brawler game, GigaBash has plenty of game modes such as the classic free-for-all Battle mode, a teamplay-focused 2v2 mode, a 1v1 Duel Mode, and several other party mode minigames for local play. There’s never a dull moment when playing this game, whether you’re playing online against other players, or just enjoying the mayhem with friends and family.

Give GigaBash a try and experience a whole new take on the arena brawler genre from the OffGamers store today!