Honor of Kings

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Honor of Kings Tokens
Honor of Kings Tokens (Global)
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Honor of Kings Tokens

With Honor of Kings Tokens, you can use it to buy more heroes to play in the game. That’s not all, but Honor of Kings Token is also crucial in buying skins for your favorite heroes. These skins brought with tokens can also be used to send as gifts to your friends who do not have Honor of Kings tokens. Honor of Kings tokens can also be used to buy bundles that will give you currency and other stuff along with it in the game.

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Honor of King Tokens are available under these categories:
- Honor of Kings 8360 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 4180 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 2508 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 1245 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 830 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 560 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 400 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 240 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 80 Tokens (Global)
- Honor of Kings 16 Tokens (Global)

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How to redeem Honor of King Tokens?

1. Login to your Midasbuy account.
2. Navigate to the Honor of Kings top-up page.
3. Enter your Honor of Kings player ID.
4. Navigate to the ‘Redeem Code’ page
5. Input the redemption code from your purchase.
6. You will now have Honor of Kings Tokens in your account.

About Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings is a mobile MOBA that was developed by Tencent. Pick your favorite and play with your friends. Battle other players in this 5v5 battle where you will defend your honor by destroying the opponent's crystal to achieve your victory.
- This product will expire on 12 May 2024, please make sure to redeem before the expiry date.