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花舞宫廷 (Android) (台服)

4.6 /5
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About Flower Dance Palace

Android Flower Dance Palace (花舞宫廷) is a beautiful antiquity, plot simulation, love mobile game. In the game's drunken antiquity scenes, all kinds of tools are Yuxuanang, handsome, blue-faced confidantes, and cicadas are decorated with jewels and gorgeous costumes. Multi-line plots are parallel, each of your choices is a fork in the road, in charge of the sixth house, or into the cold house, only in a single thought!

※Hua Yan Xiao Chun Hong Makes a Confident Beauty·Variety of Costumes※
A large number of ancient style costumes can be matched at will, hundreds of sets of Ling Luomei clothes can be changed at will, and multiple exquisite classic makeup looks can be dressed up at will. Variety of costumes, makeup and beauty, various styles as you like, exotic women, or dignified and luxurious women, heroic and playful girls, can help you become the focus of the palace. Do yours in-game purchases now with MyCard Points!
- This product is applicable for Android version only.