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  • Title: X4: Foundations STEAM KEY [GLOBAL]
  • Release Date: 2018-11-29
  • Language: Multilanguage
  • Genre:
  • Platform: Steam
  • Feature:
  • Region: Global (Worldwide)

About X4: Foundations STEAM KEY [GLOBAL]

X4: Foundations STEAM [GLOBAL] is the latest title in the popular X series of space simulation / sandbox games, played as action games from a first-person perspective in a living breathing universe, with TRADE FIGHT BUILD THINK as the common tag-line. X4: Foundations is unique in its depth, simulating an entire universe of NPC ships and stations, forming a realistic economy.

It consists of a huge universe, simulated from the bottom up. Hundreds of stations, and thousands of ships, trade goods among themselves. Prices change based on supply and demand; resources are mined and processed in several stages. This economy is linked directly to the simulation of major conflicts in a universe with dynamically-acting factions. Every player decision can dramatically change the future of the game universe. Step in and live your very own space adventure!

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X4: Foundations STEAM KEY [GLOBAL]

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x4: foundations steam key [global]
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