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FIFA Online 4 (PC) (KR)

4.9 /5
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About FIFA Online 4

Nexon FIFA Online 4 is a soccer competitive online game authorized by the FIFA official website. Nexon FIFA Online 4 covers 37 major leagues, 47 national teams, and over 15,000 registered professional players. Meanwhile, Nexon FIFA Online 4 is also 2018 Russian Official World Cup game, with the World Cup licensed gameplay, allows players to restore the real cup in the game journey.

Nexon FIFA Online 4 provides more top-level stand-alone engines, more realistic football AI, more in-depth strategy gameplay, more fair qualifying mechanism, more efficient reinforcement system, and more extensive peripheral systems, allowing players to have the best football game experience.

How to redeem Nexon Cash Card (KR)?

1. Login to your Nexon KR account.
2. Click on "Charge your Nexon Cash".
3. Select "Nexon EPINS" and insert the Nexon Cash Card code.