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Peninjauan Luas

  • Nama: 重返帝国
  • Penerbit: Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Ltd
  • Pembangun: Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Ltd
  • Tanggal rilis: -
  • Bahasa: Cina
  • Platform: Mobile, iTunes
  • Wilayah: China
  • Aliran: Strategi

About chong fan di guo

In the 3D vast world of warfare, all strategic warfare can happen instantly. You can control the line of troops to move freely, and flexibly to formulate strategies based on the real terrain and weather. Should millions of cavalry charge in the snow, or send archers to ambush from the grass to make a surprise attack on a rainy night?

As the territory continues to grow and develop, you will gather allies to fight against cities, whether to control huge siege equipment to blast the city gates, or direct allies to attack in all directions, or even become an undercover agent to deal a decisive blow against the enemy! Alliance or confrontation? Surrender or Conquer? There is never more than one road to the crown here!

From armored knights to ZhuGe's crossbowmen, bards will eventually sing the king's tale.

——“Welcome the Lord and to the Empire!” Do yours in-game purchases now with iTunes Gift Card (CN)!

重返帝国 (Mobile) (中服)

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