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Peninjauan Luas

  • Nama: Madden NFL Mobile
  • Penerbit: EA Sports
  • Pembangun: EA Sports
  • Tanggal rilis: 2014-08-26
  • Aliran: Aksi, Sports
  • Bahasa: Inggris
  • Wilayah: Sedunia
  • Platform: Mobile
Madden NFL Mobile is an American football sports video game based on the National Football League and published by EA Sports.

Become the GM of your favorite football franchise and handpick your team of NFL stars and legends. Get in the game anytime, anywhere with Daily Live Events, Head-to-Head challenges, Seasons, and newly designed Leagues. This is authentic NFL action like you’ve never seen on mobile.

Build your team of top stars and legends
Select your favorite NFL franchise and become the GM. Load your team with current stars like Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown, or blockbuster legends like Jerry Rice. Draft real NFL pros from the past and present by opening packs, or through the Auction House. Develop your strategy, upgrade your roster, and take your team out on the field to compete with friends.

Make winning plays, you way
Go big or go home in genuine 16-game Seasons mode. Be the quarterback and go for the end zone with the new scramble feature, or score TDs running pass routes as your favorite receiver. Compete against friends and rivals in Head-to-Head mode and battle it out for gridiron glory. Join a League that matches your focus, whether it be earning achievements as a group, or taking on other Leagues in competitions. Plus, play quick Spontaneous Challenges in any mode for boosted rewards.

Elevate your game in daily live events
Madden NFL Mobile connects you to the NFL every day, all year long. Instantly tap into fun, new challenges and incredible limited-time rewards each time you play. Live Events, in-season plays, mini-games, tiered multi-day sports events, and more – they’re all based on the real NFL season.

Take your team all the way in Madden NFL Mobile and bring the best in football action straight to your fingertips.

Madden NFL Mobile (Android) (Global)

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