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Peninjauan Luas

  • Nama: Chinese Parents
  • Penerbit: Coconut Island Games
  • Pembangun: 墨鱼玩游戏
  • Tanggal rilis: 2018-09-29
  • Platform: Komputer
  • Wilayah: Sedunia
  • Aliran: Kasual, RPG
  • Bahasa: Cina

About Chinese Parents

Steam Chinese Parents (中国式家长) is a casual RPG published by Coconut Island Games. Players can guide their virtual kids from being a toddler all the way up to the national college entrance exam – known as gaokao and the most important educational test in many Chinese people's lives. Throughout the 48 rounds of the game, players have to improve their kid's stats, such as intelligence and physical fitness, by arranging school and recreational activities. Get yours copy now with Steam Wallet Card!

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Hard Drive Space 500 MB
Operating System Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Processor Intel Pentium III 800 MHz+
Video Card 1024x768 High Color +