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About GoCash Game Card

GoCash is an online service that aims to provide a trouble-free way to top up currencies for your online games. Ever since they were established in 2009, GoCash has provided their customers with certifiably trusted and secure services, and has only continued to grow in popularity with the passing years.

With support for more than 80 online games and counting, GoCash is a great choice for you whenever you want to buy that new skin or bonus pack in your online games, or when you just want to support the developers with your wallet.

OffGamers GoCash Gift Card

As the name suggests, GoCash is primarily used to top up money for games, from MMORPGS to Social Sim games. Some of the hottest games you can use GoCash in are:
- Ragnarok Online
- MapleStory
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Escape from Tarkov

The games you can cash in for don’t end there, however! Visit GoCash’s official website for a full list of games that they support, which can be found here.

Why get GoCash?

Aside from their credit as being one of the first ever online payment providers for games, GoCash has a lot of benefits that make using them really compelling.

Your personal information is protected whenever you cash in with GoCash, since you only have to input the PIN Code that comes with your Game Card. No need to provide any banking information or credit card numbers.

GoCash is also an incredible gift to any gamer, you only have to send the card’s PIN code to your recipient and they can top it up themselves. Once the code has been used however, it cannot be reused.

You can also buy GoCash cards digitally, which means that your card will not suffer from wear and tear compared to a physical card. Purchasing from OffGamers also guarantees that you will always receive your products on time, and that you’re backed by excellent customer service.

Payment Methods for GoCash Game Card

With support for the most used payment methods online like e-wallets, online banks, credit cards, debit cards and more, OffGamers gives you the most convenient online shopping experience you can find on the internet. Oh, and we’ve got some of the cheapest prices on the internet with regular discount runs during special events and holidays, so don’t forget to check back with us!

Most of our customers might prefer the use of Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. You can refer to this page as a guide and list of payment methods for your region.

Frequently Asked Questions about GoCash Game Card

How do I top up my Game Card?

1. Choose a game on GoCash’s game list or go directly to that game’s portal.
2. When checking out, select GoCash as your payment option.
3. Type out the PIN number that comes with your card and confirm.

Is GoCash Game Card region locked?

Yes, you cannot use a specific region’s game card for another region, so be careful when browsing for cards.

Can I split my card’s balance?

Normally, you can only top up your card’s full value for a game and cannot redeem it partially. On the other hand, you can split the value of your cards as much as you want if you’re a GoCash Gold member.

What to do if my game card isn’t working?

When inputting your PIN code, make sure that you don’t make any typographical errors, and that the game you’ve selected is officially supported by GoCash. If problems persist, wait for a few minutes and try again, or contact customer support.
- OffGamers is the authorized distributor for GoCash Game Card.
- For a list of supported games, please click HERE.